Does a Beautiful, Straight Smile Guarantee Success in Life?


As we age, a lot of things change with our health. But there is one exception: a beautiful smile. A healthy, gorgeous smile can still remain an attractive trait if properly cared for regardless of hairstyle, fashion sense or make-up. When the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conducted a smile study with 1000 respondents, their responses indicated that a straight, white smile can still win at first impressions. In fact, 48 percent of those respondents believe a smile is the single most memorable feature upon meeting someone for the first time. The impact of a quality smile far surpassed remembering what clothing someone wore (8 percent) or what perfume or cologne they used (9 percent).

Investing In a Straight White Smile

Since a perfect smile makes such a significant impact, many respondents in the survey were willing to spend more of their income on cosmetic dentistry than on any other cosmetic procedure.  According to the study, nearly half of the respondents would forego surgical procedures for weight loss, while another 31 percent were more likely to choose a cosmetic procedure for a flawed smile than one to reduce wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. 

Nearly 62 percent of respondents overwhelmingly agree that it is worth every penny they spent to keep their quality smile and healthy teeth. Many respondents recognize that beautiful hair and legs do not remain attractive as they age, so they were far more willing to spend money on perfecting their smile than on cosmetic procedures for thinning hair or correcting unsightly veins on their legs. 

Straight Attractive Teeth Makes a Better Impression

Impressions matter and can be a bridge to success in a job interview, a date or even a LinkedIn profile photo. Looking good impacts us no matter how many times you hear the reverse. It’s not unusual for people to be so focused on things they believe need fixing that they overlook or ignore the one physical feature that makes the most significant impact: their smile. 

In the study, people were also asked to view images of women and men, some with dental issues, others with perfectly straight smiles, and give honest feedback. One-third of the respondents said the first feature they noticed when meeting someone for the first time is their smile; one-quarter of them said that someone’s smile is what they remember most after an introduction.

When it comes to love, there might be something to the saying, love at first sight. When searching for love on popular dating sites, based on the images shown, individuals with straighter teeth seem to be 57 percent more likely to find a match than those with crooked teeth. And forget about that second date; 2 in 5 respondents wouldn’t even consider a follow-up date with someone who had a misaligned smile. Ouch!

Straighter Teeth Means Greater Professional Success

Straighter teeth and an attractive smile may be great for career aspirations. While looking at the images, 58 percent of the respondents perceived those people with straighter smiles to be more likely to be successful than those people with misaligned teeth. The same percentage of survey participants also indicated that, among the images shown, people with straighter teeth were believed to be more wealthy than those with crooked smiles.

People participating in the study made more positive connections and attributed more desirable qualities to portraits of people with straight teeth than they did when viewing pictures of people with crooked smiles. Respondents perceived people with straight teeth as happier, healthier, and smarter than those with crooked teeth.

Regardless of age, a straight, white smile gets attention in a world where first impressions count. Worn, aged, and yellow teeth look drab and undesirable. To others, it seems as though an otherwise perfectly healthy person made no effort in brushing and flossing. When compared to surgery, a straighter, whiter smile is one of the least expensive investments you can make in yourself.


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