Five Powerful Business Apps For Entrepreneurs

Running a business can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, smartphones and tablets now make it easier than ever to run an organization. There are iPhone and Android apps for all areas of business, from boosting your marketing to improving all-around productivity.

No matter what kind of portable device you use, it’s worth utilizing these powerful apps. They can make running your business much easier. You can even manage your business remotely. Here are five powerful business apps for entrepreneurs.

G Suite

Google’s own G Suite is perfect for any kind of business. Most people already use Gmail and Google Docs to exchange emails and collaborate on documents. G Suite also features Sheets and Slides, which allow you and your staff to easily share and edit spreadsheets and presentations.

G Suite even includes Google Sites and App Maker so you can create quality web pages and even mobile apps for your business. Add all this to a handy calendar and Google’s instant chat feature and you have practically all your essentials covered.


Slack is gaining momentum fast as a handy business app. It’s a chat tool that can be used online or on smartphone devices. You can create a workspace to communicate and collaborate with your team. You can also divide them into different sections to make team communication easy.

Slack also features a Calendar and syncs seamlessly with Google Docs. Your staff can easily collaborate on work here and keep everyone updated.


Every business in 2018 should be maintaining a range of social channels. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great for marketing your company and attracting new customers. You might also want to get involved in networks like LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social channels at once. You can easily schedule posts for multiple social networks. This allows you to create posts at the start of the day to cover you for the entire week. You can save a ton of time on your social media management with this.

Efficiency and productivity are essentials for a successful workplace. But when you’re managing a team of different people in different places, it can be hard to keep track on what’s been done. That’s where fits in. This online and mobile app allows you to set tasks to your team and they can keep you updated on the progress.

As you can imagine, this has tons of uses for your business. You can schedule tasks for the days ahead to ensure all the week’s work is done on time. You can set targets and goals for people to achieve to ensure everyone is motivated and working hard in your business. You can also use it from anywhere so you can ensure work is being done even if you’re on the road.


Skype has provided a simple and effective communication app for years. It allows people to talk via various group chats and private messages. However, most use it for its useful voice call features.

Skype is perfect for video interviews and online meetings. Various businesses need to communicate with clients, employees, and partners remotely, and Skype makes it incredibly easy to do so.

Whether you need better time management, improved social media timing or just to communicate with your team effectively, these apps will help. Every entrepreneur and manager can benefit from these powerful business apps. Most are completely free or offer a free package, so make use of them and start boosting your business success.

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