Ways to Cut Drama from Your Life 

You do not have to deal with every emotionally draining situation that comes your way. Knowing when and how to avoid drama can spell the difference between living with emotional clutter or enjoying a stress-free, peaceful life.  Here’s how to avoid drama so you can live a life free from emotional clutter.

Avoid gossip 

Gossip feeds on negative energy, and while it may feed your ego temporarily dwelling on negative emotions which gossip tends to elicit, it is not healthy for your mind and soul. Avoiding gossip allows you to cut off one avenue for negative energy which you can replace with more productive and positive activities. You can start by decreasing the amount of time you spend with people who like to gossip, whether it’s in the office, within your social circle or at home.

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Cultivate gratitude 

Being grateful allows you to put things in perspective. You might be having a bad day but consciously thinking about how you still have the things that matter, such as your family, rewarding relationships, and your health, among others, can help you refocus on what matters instead of trivialities. Gratitude allows you to zoom out so you can see how temporary, small and insignificant your troubles are in the bigger scheme of things. People who consciously practice gratitude find that they become more adept at weathering daily challenges because focusing on the good helps keep the mind clear.

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Observe, don’t participate

There are times when drama seeps into your circle. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to feed into other people’s emotional battles, no matter how close they are to you. Sometimes, being an observer is the best way to deal with unwanted emotional clutter. You don’t need to be at the center of drama all the time. Step back, observe, let them know that you are there if they want sensible advice, but you will not participate in whatever it is that is getting everyone all riled up.

Reconsider toxic people and relationships

Sometimes, you need to decide between letting people and relationships go. There are friendships and even blood relationships that need to be placed on the back burner if you want to cultivate a peace-loving, drama-free life. Look at relationships that tend to bring out negative emotions, thoughts and even behavior from you. It could be a friend who always puts you down, a co-worker who likes to talk behind your back, or also a family member who imposes unreasonable expectations from you. Take a closer look at these relationships to see if they are worth keeping or ones you need to let go.

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Don’t label every annoyance as drama

Life is full of stressful situations and people. However, it is important to remember that part of living a fulfilling, peaceful life is cultivating relationships which require a little bit of giving and take. Be slow to label all things that annoy you as drama. Sometimes, it pays to deal with small annoyances, especially if this means the world to a friend or a loved one. Learn whom to identify which conflicts are worth sorting out and which ones you can afford to dismiss from your life.

Life is full of emotional clutter that we need to wade through from time to time. However, a mix of reasonable avoidance, gratitude, and the ability to distinguish which conflicts are worth wading through can help you weed out the unnecessary sources of drama so you can live a more peaceful, stress-free life.


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