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We all experience a wide variety of emotions on a daily basis.  Emotions matter, as it has a significant impact on our behavior, how we feel, and interact with other people.

Browse quotes by emotion to provide a better understanding of how you are feeling, and to find common similarities with famous writers, philosophers, and others who have been in your situation before, and have experienced all the emotions that comes with life.

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Browse through a collection of famous historical sayings and quotes about your city. Discover funny phrases about cities in the United States. These famous city quotes represent the lifestyle, culture, and tradition for cities.

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If you are looking to start a new career, need some inspiration to go to work, or seeking wise words from people within your profession, these informative, inspiring occupation quotes can put a smile on your face and provide some motivation to keep going.

Browse through a collection of occupation quotes to share with your co-workers, and discover wise words and advice from famous and influential people.

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