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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Eight Signs of Stress and How to Handle Them

Stress is widespread in America. In fact, the American Psychological Association revealed that it is prevalent in two-thirds of the population. Stress is just one of those things that will tell on itself. If you are stressed out for any reason, you will show physical

How to Be Positive and Realistic At The Same Time

Positive thinking has many benefits including increased personal happiness and improved performance. However, many people set up unrealistic expectations and lose motivation to accomplish their fantasy goals. Sadly, having unrealistic optimism can backfire. Being too positive can make you get your hopes up and set

4 Myths About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s dangerous, scary, and life-changing. Someone who experiences abuse will likely never be the same again. Here are four myths you should stop believing about domestic violence.

Remarriage: How Soon Is Too Soon?

People often remarry after divorce or the death of a spouse. At one time, widows and widowers were expected to wait through a mourning period before accepting suitors. The mourning period was typically one year. It was considered inappropriate to remarry too soon. However, times

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Returning Back To School As an Older Adult

Going back to school as an older adult has many of benefits, according to research by the American Psychological Association, taking college classes as an older adult may reduce your chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer disease. So, it’s not too late to return to school

What is “True Love”?

The ability to care unconditionally This is both physically and emotionally.  To offer support and help in any circumstances– good or bad. True love means that you won’t withdraw from a person when they are going through a tough time. Acceptance We all have flaws.