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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Is There Gossip in the Family?  

Have you become aware of gossip in your family?  Have you wondered how other people seem to know things only one person’s been told?  Are you beginning to think you need to watch what you say? Most people have participated in gossip at one time

Tips for Successful Online Dating

Many people go online to meet potential partners. In fact, researchers at the University of Rochester believe that online dating is the second most popular method of matchmaking in the United States. Instead of dealing with awkward dates and bad experiences, use these tips to

What Legacy Are You Leaving? 

There comes the point in many people’s lives where they have hit a certain level of success and then struggle to find the meaning of what they have done. This is because so much of what we define as success in today’s society is standardized

How to be More Productive

Productivity is a skill, and like all skills, it can be worked on and improved over time. Becoming more productive will enhance your professional life as well as your personal life, enabling you to become the version of yourself that you want to be. Forgive

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Three Songs to Deepen Your Love for Cities

Places hold significant meaning for most people, framing the human experiences of life. Popular songs, mainly about cities, call listeners to reflect and remember. Matchbox Twenty wrote Bright Lights about New York City. Augustana sends their flailing star from California to Massachusetts in their song Boston.

The Truth About Perfectionism 

Striving to be good at the things you do can be a good strength to have.  When that desire becomes obsessive and turns into perfectionism, however, we are on dangerous ground.  In this article, we will not only look at ways to identify what it

4 Ways You’re Wasting Your Day​

  Have you ever reached the end of your day and wondered why you haven’t accomplished more? It happens to everyone. Here are four ways you are probably wasting your day without even realizing it.    You pick up your phone every five minutes Always

10 Successful Entertainers Who Never Gave Up

If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. Or in some cases, try 20 or 30 times. Many successful people, including authors, celebrities, and entertainers, failed multiple times before they finally made it. Here are 10 inspirational people who never gave up in the face

Coffee Tastes Better With Music

You might already know your coffee is more enjoyable when supped from your favorite cup. Now a study shows it tastes better with music too; at least, the right music to match the sweet or bitter flavor you like best. Researchers at Oxford University gave