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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Where to Find Inspiration for Writing Poetry

Poetry is a beautiful and expressive literary form. Unlike prose, it offers a way to express feelings, thoughts, and ideas uniquely. Poetry can also mean different things to different people, depending on how the poet presents the concepts and how the reader interprets them. That

Lessons from Buddhism

Buddhism is becoming popular around the world as it lays emphasis on personal development. This religion offers a concrete path to self-improvement and contented life. In today’s strife-torn world, Buddhism provides solace and hope to millions of followers. Here are a few key lessons that

Oscar Wilde: Interesting Facts & Trivia

Oscar WildeOutside of literary circles, Oscar Wilde’s once-flamboyant lifestyle sometimes outshines his great span of work in the field of literature.  However, this famous author has penned some of classic literature’s best-loved tales.  The following are some interesting facts and trivia about life and famous

3 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude 

Mastering gratitude requires practicing it every day, and those who do are rewarded with its many benefits. Besides creating a positive mindset, gratitude can also reduce stress, boost the immune system, and help promote restful sleep. It may seem as if some people are naturally

Doing These 6 Things Will Make You Happier

Happiness is not something you can receive from someone else. You can’t buy happiness either. It’s something you need to find for yourself so that it is long lasting. Below are six suggestions that can follow to make yourself happier.    Do something for someone else

8 Signs Your Friendship is Fake

True friendship is one of life’s greatest gift, but some friends are unfortunately not what they seem. Do you have a friend who is just pretending to be true blue? Here are eight signs that your friend is faking it. You always initiate contact You

Starting a Startup: Be Ready for Long Hours 

When a person is interested in starting a business, he or she desires to have more time for leisure activities or to spend with family and friends by becoming their “own boss.” Perhaps the most common misperception associated with launching a startup up centers on the