4 Creative Thinking Techniques to Keep You Focused On Your Goals 

Staying focused on long-term goals can be extremely difficult, especially when attempting large or complex goals, such as starting a new business. Once the initial motivation has worn off, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the small details and forget the bigger picture. Creative thinking techniques are highly useful tools that can help to solidify your goals and keep you on the right track. Here are four creative thinking techniques to keep you focused on your goals.



Visualization works by helping you to create a strong vision of the results and benefits you will gain from achieving your goals. Most visualization techniques incorporate meditation, hypnosis or relaxation exercises to enable you to create symbolic and vivid imagery that focuses on the outcome of your goal. This imagery can be extremely powerful and helps you to stay focused on the bigger picture. YouTube and other video sharing websites contain thousands of free guided visualizations that can help you to create a strong vision for your goal. Taking a few minutes every day to visualize your future can be a compelling motivator.


Drawing a visual representation of your aims can also be extremely powerful, working in a similar way to visualization. You don’t have to be an artist to create a motivational picture; you can use symbols, stick people, charts, basic diagrams and other elements to give your drawing meaning. For example, if your goal is to run your own company, you might draw a building with your company name written on it. You can also add elements that remind you of the benefits you will gain from running your own company, such as financial independence. Pin your drawing somewhere that you will see it every day.


Writing your vision down on paper engages the creative side of your brain and helps to solidify your objectives. Try to focus on the positive impact that achieving your goals will have on your life, as well as any additional benefits that could come later. For example, the initial goal of starting your own business may be to gain financial independence, but the additional benefits of financial stability could include the freedom to travel and pursue your hobbies. Writing out your vision can also give you insight into the things that are important in your life, which helps to identify your personal motivators.

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Creating an Inspiration Wall

Inspiration walls enable you to use your creativity to gather motivational material, such as photographs, images from magazines, newspaper articles,  inspirational quotes and anything else that catches your attention. You can also pin your own drawings, ideas, project plans and records of achievement to the wall. You could even draw or write directly onto the wall, as this can be a great way to expand your creativity and develop new ways of thinking.

Creative thinking techniques can be highly useful tools for staying focused on your goals, especially when you’re losing sight of the bigger picture. Visualization, drawings, writing and inspirational walls are all great ways to solidify your objectives and boost your motivation.