4 Myths About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s dangerous, scary, and life-changing. Someone who experiences abuse will likely never be the same again. Here are four myths you should stop believing about domestic violence.

You can tell when someone is being abused

This myth about domestic violence and abuse in general is still common. Because abuse isn’t always physical, you can’t always see it. A victim of abuse may be called names, yelled at, or controlled. Unless they tell you it’s happening, you won’t necessarily know about it. Many forms of abuse happen only behind closed doors. Once the couple leaves the house they may put on an act and appear to be happy.

 If someone is being abused, they will leave

It’s easy to assume that once someone realizes they are being abused, they will leave, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. An abuser doesn’t often start off abusing their spouse at the beginning of the relationship. It typically begins happening once the victim has become trusting and attached. This makes it more difficult to leave because there are so many emotions involved. The abuser will also show the side of himself the victim fell for periodically to keep them hoping.

 If someone is an abuser, you’ll know

Because abusers typically abuse behind closed doors, you won’t necessarily know if someone is abusive. They will often be a nice person to co-workers, other family members, and neighbors. They won’t even be suspected of being an abusive person because of how kind, helpful, and happy they seem. When they get home though, things change. They don’t have to put on the act anymore and they can take out their frustrations on those closest to them.

Only women are victims of domestic violence

Anyone–women, men and children–can be the victim on domestic violence. It doesn’t matter who commits the abuse; it is still abuse and does not discriminate. It’s important to not assume men are stronger and cannot be physically abused. Even children can be abusive toward parents. Abuse and abusers cannot be put into a box.

It’s important to know the truth behind domestic violence. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, it’s easy to believe the myths.

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