5 Tell Tale Signs You Are in a Healthy Relationship

Being in a relationship is like trying to navigate a ship in the open sea without a compass; you have to rely on instinct, and there is no clearly defined path to guide your way. Relationships are complicated, and it is not always easy to know if you and your partner are right for each other, but there are 5 key indicators that can help you determine if your relationship is healthy.

           There is Trust

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. When one partner questions the motivations and the loyalty of the other, then the relationship is doomed to fail. Lack of trust in your partner leads to jealousy and anger, and your relationship will never rise to its full potential. For a healthy relationship to thrive, there needs to be trust between both partners. When there is trust in the relationship, you can enjoy your partner’s company and not have to worry about lies and betrayal.

   You are Respected

Respect is another important component of a healthy relationship. Both partners should respect each other and what each other has to bring to the table. When you are respected, you can take comfort in knowing that your partner cares about your thoughts and feelings. When people are respected, they give respect in return and can open up fully to their partner.

Open Communication

In a relationship, both partners should to be able to communicate openly and honestly. If you find yourself getting nervous or scared when you need to have a serious conversation with your partner, chances are your relationship is not in the most healthy state. Communication barriers most often occur when one partner criticizes the other or does not listen when the other is trying to speak. You should be able to openly talk with your partner like you would to a best friend.


The most difficult milestone to achieve in a relationship is being vulnerable to your partner. In order to be vulnerable, you have to be willing to break down personal walls, really let your partner into your heart, and trust that they will not hurt you in the end. Being vulnerable to your partner lets them know that you accept them and you are comfortable letting that person into the core of your being.

    You Feel Safe

Your partner should be the person who you run to when you feel upset and need comfort in life. If your relationship is healthy, you will feel safe with your partner. When it comes to safety, you should consider both the physical and emotional aspects to ensure your relationship is on the right track. If you do not feel safe with your partner, it could lead to concerns down the road.

Having a healthy relationship is important to your emotional and physical wellbeing. While there will always be ups and downs in any relationship, you should always make sure that yours is one that is progressing toward a positive future. When you are in a healthy relationship, there will be a wonderful sense of growth, loyalty, mutual respect, and good times to come.

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