East African Proverb On Wisdom & Teamwork

One head cannot hold all wisdom. – Maasai Proverb       

This East African Proverb means that one person does not have all the knowledge needed for survival. We all have unique abilities, and if we come together, we can learn a lot and accomplish great things

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African Proverb on planning

West African Proverb on Planning

Choose your neighbors before you buy your house.   -West African Proverb This West African Proverb is referring to trust and influence. Before we choose to 'settle' somewhere, we must select our neighbors carefully.  Imagine having a noisy, annoying neighbor? This can make your life a disaster, disrupting your peace, sleep
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African Proverb on Teamwork

Where the cattle stand together, the lion lies down hungry. African Proverb This African Proverb is illustrating the importance of working together as a team. If there is an issue in your workplace, community or school, coming together as a team can help achieve desirable results. "Where the cattle stand
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African Proverb on Problems

When you chop off a snake's head all you have left with is a piece of rope.- African Proverb This proverb is suggesting that when we are faced with problems, the best solution is to look at the roots. The mouth is the only toxic part of a snake when this
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Ethiopian Proverb on Imagination

Ethiopian Proverb On Imagination

The smaller the lizard, the greater the hope of becoming a crocodile. - Ethiopian Proverb The less we know or have, the higher chance there is by working towards our results. The "lizard " is a tiny reptile in comparison to a crocodile, but it has high hopes of becoming a
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African Proverb on Trouble and Challenges

Rain does not fall on one roof alone. - African Proverb In this African Proverb, "rain" is a symbol of difficulties, challenges, and struggles. Rain falls on everyone's roof, meaning as humans, we all experience complications and problems. Whether if it is family conflicts, our marriage, children, financial matters, or
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Africa Proverb on Marriage and Love

If you have five wives, then you will have five tongues.- African Proverb This African Proverb is related to different personalities. Having five different wives means that you will need to have five different characters. Each wife has their likes/dislikes, and you will have to speak and act differently with
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West Africa Proverb on Fortune and Misfortune

If you have escaped the jaws; of a crocodile while bathing in the river, you will surely meet a leopard on the way. - West African Proverb This West African Proverb is referring to danger and troubles. If you have managed to run away from your problems, you will someday be
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African Proverb on insects and people

If they are offered winged ants, people would eat them.- African Proverb Society tends to follow trends. If a person of power or authority offers something, an uneducated person will accept that offer. This proverb can be related to knowledge, politics,  and being brainwashed. We should be educated about risks and dangers
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African Proverb On Replacement

If there were no elephants in the jungle, the buffalo would be big.- African Proverb This African Proverb is related to leadership. If there are no elephants (leaders), someone else will take that position. Similar Proverbs To Explore
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African Proverb On Taking Chances

Hunt in every jungle, for there, is wisdom and good hunting in all of them."- African Proverb To hunt in every jungle means merely to try everything that comes your way. There is wisdom, knowledge, and experience to gain. Do not avoid situations, explore as many things as possible, such
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Bantu Proverb On Progress

The horizon will not disappear as you run towards it. - Bantu Proverb Your dreams and goals would not disappear if you working towards achieving them. As you are running towards the 'horizon,' you are getting closer to your goals, and it is important to do not stop. This Bantu
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Yoruba Proverb On Trouble and Being Restless

He on whose head we would break a coconut never stands still.- Yoruba Proverb To break a coconut on one's head is a painful experience. And, as humans if we know we are in trouble, often times we would be restless and anxious. So, the person whose head would break
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African Proverb On Togetherness

Goats cannot live in a herd of leopards. - Mali Proverb A goat and leopard are entirely different animals. Goats need to be among other goats and leopards with other leopards. In today's world, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. If you are a doctor, it won't wise
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African Proverb About Home

Every beast roars in its own den."- African Proverb Every beast roars in its own den simply mean that a beast is comfortable enough to roar in its own den. There is no place like home, when we go on vacation, sleepovers at a friend or relative house,  we cannot adequately
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African Proverb on Abilities

Even the best cooking pot will not produce the best food.- African Proverb This proverb is referring to material wealth and abilities. The best cookware would not produce the best food, as it depends on the person who is cooking.  The same concept practically applies to anything in life. The best
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