African Proverbs

African Proverb on planning

West African Proverb on Planning

Choose your neighbors before you buy your house.   -West African Proverb This West African Proverb
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African Proverb on Teamwork

Where the cattle stand together, the lion lies down hungry. African Proverb This African Proverb
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African Proverb on Problems

When you chop off a snake's head all you have left with is a piece
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Ethiopian Proverb on Imagination

Ethiopian Proverb On Imagination

The smaller the lizard, the greater the hope of becoming a crocodile. - Ethiopian Proverb The
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African Proverb on Trouble and Challenges

Rain does not fall on one roof alone. - African Proverb In this African Proverb,
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Africa Proverb on Marriage and Love

If you have five wives, then you will have five tongues.- African Proverb This African
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West Africa Proverb on Fortune and Misfortune

If you have escaped the jaws; of a crocodile while bathing in the river, you will
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African Proverb on insects and people

If they are offered winged ants, people would eat them.- African Proverb Society tends to
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African Proverb On Replacement

If there were no elephants in the jungle, the buffalo would be big.- African Proverb
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African Proverb On Taking Chances

Hunt in every jungle, for there, is wisdom and good hunting in all of them."-
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Bantu Proverb On Progress

The horizon will not disappear as you run towards it. - Bantu Proverb Your dreams
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Yoruba Proverb On Trouble and Being Restless

He on whose head we would break a coconut never stands still.- Yoruba Proverb To
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African Proverb On Togetherness

Goats cannot live in a herd of leopards. - Mali Proverb A goat and leopard
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African Proverb About Home

Every beast roars in its own den."- African Proverb Every beast roars in its own
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African Proverb on Abilities

Even the best cooking pot will not produce the best food.- African Proverb This proverb is
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