Albert Einstein- If you want a happy life

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.
Albert Einstein


This famous inspirational quote is referring to true happiness. According to Albert Einstein, we should tie our happiness to a goal. We set goals and work towards it because it will improve an area of our lives. For instance, we set goals to earn a degree, to make ourselves ’employable.’ We start businesses for freedom, creativity and to create something meaningful that will benefit society or the world. When these goals are achieved, we feel a sense of accomplishment and relief. We discovered our true strengths in completing a milestone or goal. We become more discipline, and we prove to ourselves that we can achieve anything. It is an incredible feeling that we cannot get from people or from buying the latest iPhone.

Therefore, according to Einstein, true happiness is found within ourselves. And, there is always time to set new goals, regardless of age or how many we have already achieved. Some goals might be to travel the entire world, publish a book to share your knowledge, study a subject of your choice, start a business, volunteer and so forth. Accomplishing personal goals will bring us permanent happiness.  People will hurt and disappoint us, material things go and come, but the sense of accomplishment will always be there.