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Art Quotes

Art is the arrangement of elements that are appealing to emotions, our mind and senses. Art is usually expressed in different forms such as literature, music, sculpture, dancing, painting, photography and many others.

Browse through a collection of  Art Quotes from famous authors, painters, poets, and celebrities. Find Art Quotes, Funny art quotes, quotes on art and creativity, Inspirational art quotes, Art Education quotes and more collected throughout the history of Art to provide inspiration and information on Art.


William Saroyan- San Francisco is Art

San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every
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DeRay Mckesson- The art scene in Baltimore City

The arts scene in Baltimore is really rich and very vibrant. It's one of the untold stories of the city.
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Terri Windling- Filmmaking can be a fine art

Filmmaking can be a fine art.       Terri Windling
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A mistake in drawing becomes difficult — Walter J. Phillips

A mistake in drawing becomes difficult to detect when the eye is familiar with it.      Walter J. Phillips
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Friedrich Nietzsche-Staying Awake all Day

Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day. Friedrich Nietzsche
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Adam Braun- The Power of a Pencil

What can a pencil do for all of us? Amazing things. It can write transcendent poetry, uplifting music, or life-changing
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Edwin Denby- Enjoying Ballet

You don't have to know about ballet to enjoy it, all you have to do is look at it.      Edwin
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Henry Havelock Ellis- Dancing is a Beautiful Art

Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts. For it is no mere translation or
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Frank Herbert- Producing Perfection From Imperfection

Producing perfection from imperfection is, after all, the highest of art forms.      Frank Herbert
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Latin Proverb On Nature

Nature is the art of God. Latin Proverb
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Malcolm Forbes Quote On Diversity

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. Malcolm Forbes
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John Dryden Quote On Dancing

Dancing is the poetry of the foot. John Dryden
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Ted Shawn- Creating Art With Our Body From Dancing

Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made. Ted Shawn
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Judith Jamison Quote On Entering a Dance Studio

You don't enter a dance studio and say "I can't do that." If you do, then why are you in
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Richard Bach Quote On Flying an Airplane

The highest art form of all is a human being in control of himself and his airplane in flight, urging
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