Beautiful Women Quotes

A beautiful woman is a woman of confidence, with a distinctive personality.  Beauty fades, but a beautiful personality will shine forever. A beautiful woman is more than external appearance. She is beautiful because of the inner light that shines within. Beautiful women are intelligent, caring, independent, and pleasant to be around.

There are hundred’s of words to describe a beautiful woman. However, the term ‘beautiful’ is more than just appearance. According to various surveys, some qualities that makes a woman beautiful is passion; a woman that gets excited about her career, hobbies, and things that she holds dear to her heart and can hold an intellectual conversation. A beautiful woman is confident. She feels beautiful without makeup and is not afraid to show her flaws. A beautiful woman is also modest and does not need to work for attention, she is humble and has a beautiful soul.

Browse through a collection of beautiful women quotes from celebrities, men, influential women, and others throughout history sharing their ideas and thoughts of what makes a woman beautiful, qualities of a beautiful woman, inner beauty quotes for women, empowering quotes for beautiful women and more.


Stop thinking you’re not good enough-Mckenzie Hassler

Stop thinking you're not good enough. You are beautiful & way stronger than you realize. Stand up for yourself, don't
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Character contributes to beauty- Jacqueline Bisset

Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage,
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Silvio Berlusconi

It's better to like beautiful girls than to be gay.      Silvio Berlusconi
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Becki Newton- Beautiful Women Are Not Supermodels

When I think of the most beautiful women, they're not supermodels.      Becki Newton
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Charles Baudelaire-The beautiful is always bizarre

The beautiful is always bizarre. Charles Baudelaire
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