Breaking Up Quotes

Breaking up is not easy, but sometimes it is the best thing to do. Breaking up happens because couples fall out of love, they grow apart or find someone else. Breaking up is part of life, and we all deserve to be happy.

Sometimes, ending a relationship with someone can be the best decision you can ever make, especially if the relationship was toxic or draining . If you are going through a breakup or planning on ending on ending a relationship, it is important to keep at a distance and avoid seeing or communicating with this person.

Breaking up can feel like a new beginning, you can start by establishing goals, organizing your space and decluttering— a messy environment will add to your stress level. Also, getting rid of their belongings or anything that reminds you of your ex– this can be songs, places, or gifts. After a break-up, it is necessary to stay healthy, exercise and seek support from others.

Browse through a collection of breaking up quotes from famous authors, celebrities, psychologists and others sharing their advice and experience on breaking up. Find breaking quotes to help you deal with your emotions and to heal and move.



Joseph Campbell- Letting Go of The Life We Planned

We must be willing to let go of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is ...
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John Green- EX’s and Learning Experience

This is why we call people exes, I guess because the paths that cross in the middle end up separating ...
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Laurel House  – Being Wiser and Stronger For Next Time

The harder you slam a ball into the ground, the higher it bounces back up? A divorce, a breakup, losing ...
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Guy Finley- Letting Go and Starting Over

Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over. Guy Finley ...
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Osayi Osar-Emokpae- No Emotion Last Forever

Hold on to the thought that no emotion lasts forever, no matter how wonderful or how terrible the emotion may ...
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Steph Campbell- When She Left

When she left, it was like someone had ripped my heart out, crumbled it up like a flimsy piece of ...
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Junot Diaz- When Things Are Over

And that's when I know it's over. As soon as you start thinking about the beginning, it's the end.      Junot ...
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David Levithan- When Things Break

When things break, it's not the actual breaking that prevents them from getting back together again. It's because a little ...
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Terrell Owens- Focusing On Me and Having a Breakthrough

Instead of me having a breakdown, I'm focusing on me having a breakthrough.      Terrell Owens ...
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Telisa McLaughlin- The Worst Thing about Trusting Someone

One of the worst things about trusting someone is really believing that everything they ever told you was the truth ...
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Patti Callahan Henry- Breaking Up Because of Lying and Cheating

Cheating and lying aren't struggles, they're reasons to break up.  Patti Callahan Henry     ...
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Samuel Butler- Better To Love and Lost

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all. Samuel Butler ...
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Faraaz Kazi- Walking Alone is Not Difficult Anymore

Walking alone is not difficult but when we have walked a mile worth a thousand years with someone then coming ...
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