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Where to Find Inspiration for Writing Poetry

Poetry is a beautiful and expressive literary form. Unlike prose, it offers a way to express feelings, thoughts, and ideas uniquely. Poetry can also mean different things to different people, depending on how the poet presents the concepts and how the reader interprets them. That

Oscar Wilde: Interesting Facts & Trivia

Oscar WildeOutside of literary circles, Oscar Wilde’s once-flamboyant lifestyle sometimes outshines his great span of work in the field of literature.  However, this famous author has penned some of classic literature’s best-loved tales.  The following are some interesting facts and trivia about life and famous

10 Successful Entertainers Who Never Gave Up

If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. Or in some cases, try 20 or 30 times. Many successful people, including authors, celebrities, and entertainers, failed multiple times before they finally made it. Here are 10 inspirational people who never gave up in the face

Cheap Presents for Smart People: Finding Book Bargains

  Finding Book Bargains Bookstores satisfy your ultimate fantasy: one-stop, affordable shopping for relaxing entertainment for yourself and presents for everyone else including your gamer niece, indie rock-fan nephew, hockey-playing son, DIY-obsessed spouse, vegan cousin, dog-breeding parents, opera-buff step-parents, and UFO-abductee aunt. No matter what

Inspirational People Throughout History

Below you find a list of inspirational people throughout history.  These people push themselves to achieve greatness and made significant changes in history. They were not afraid to step out of their comfort zones, make sacrifices, take risks and believe in themselves. They are filled