Chuck Noll -Good things happen to those who hustle


Good things happen to those who hustle.  –Chuck Noll

Good things come to people who hustle because ‘hustlers’ work harder than an average person.  The term ‘hustler’ isn’t necessarily a manipulative person who tries to scheme people and take advantage of them.

A hustler can be seen as someone who stays busy doing productive tasks such as reading, researching, networking, and always learning. They don’t engage themselves in gossiping,  or anything that gets in the way of becoming successful. They take on challenges and make things happen.

Good things to come to those who hustle because of hard work and sacrifices. There are no routines or schedules. Hustlers work long hours on multiple projects and assignments, and they take risks.


Charles Henry Noll:  born on January 5th, 1932, and died on June 13th, 2014. An American football player, and head coach. Good things to come to those who hustle was his personal and professional phrase to motivate his team. Chuck Noll won multiple games and had a successful career because he was always ‘hustling,’ practicing, trying new techniques, planning and dedicating time to win the next game and, he sure did experience a lot of ‘good things’ and success from hustling.

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