Coffee Tastes Better With Music

You might already know your coffee is more enjoyable when supped from your favorite cup. Now a study shows it tastes better with music too; at least, the right music to match the sweet or bitter flavor you like best.

Researchers at Oxford University gave volunteers cinder toffee and played low, and high frequency sounds as they ate. When rating bitter and sweet on a sliding scale, it was discovered high notes increased sweetness and low bitterness.

The experiment was taken out of the laboratory to discover if it worked in everyday life, this time using bittersweet, chocolate-coated toffee. Unsurprisingly, the results were the same.

Consumers experienced the taste of coffee differently depending on the music playing in the background. High notes resulted in heightened sweetness while low notes led to a bitter tang.

It’s thought similar results are obtained when people drink coffee. This might explain why you prefer listening to specific genres of music while partaking of java. Your subconscious knows your perception of taste alters when you match coffee with sounds.

The chances are, if you appreciate a bitter java tang, you enjoy gutsy jazz or the blues with coffee. If you prefer sweet flavors, you’re likely to play higher pitched music to enhance sweetness. Minnie Riperton, Neil Young, Kate Bush, or Mariah Carey perhaps.

Consider experimenting when you have a coffee break. A touch less sugar in your coffee  as you listen to a song with high notes might help you lose weight. Alternatively, you can relax with your coffee and strengthen its bitter flavor with low bluesy vibes.


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