Eight Signs of Stress and How to Handle Them

Stress is widespread in America. In fact, the American Psychological Association revealed that it is prevalent in two-thirds of the population.

Stress is just one of those things that will tell on itself. If you are stressed out for any reason, you will show physical and emotional signs that other people will recognize. This list explains many of the most common signs of stress. If you exhibit any of these symptoms, you may need to use a relaxation method. You’ll find some tips within the text.


One of the main signs of stress is a lingering state of irritability. That means that every word somebody says, every cross-eyed look, and every error or mistake gets met with a bark or a frustrated sigh from your lips. The issue doesn’t even have to be relevant to what initially stressed you. Snapping becomes your natural response to everything. If you find yourself getting angry frequently throughout the day, you may be dealing with a little bit of stress. No, you may be dealing with a lot of stress. That would be a good time for some deep breathing exercises and a glass of water. You should have your water with ice so that the chill will snap your brain out of focus from the stressor (The Physicological  Society).

 Lack of Sleep

Lack of a good night’s sleep is another sign of being stressed. It may take you longer than usual to fall asleep even when you’re exhausted. You may toss and turn throughout the night. Perhaps you may be awaken several times. Those are all signs that your mind, body, and soul are restless. Review your sleeping habits for the past few weeks. If they seem  different from what they used to be, you could be under a great deal of stress. You can use calming herbs, teas, and candle scents to help you get to sleep. Chamomile and lavender are two excellent options to use.

 Lack of Concentration

You may have a problem concentrating on things if you are stressed. You may misplace things a little bit more frequently than usual. You might lose your train of thought at the most inappropriate times. You may even forget the reason that you enter a room before you even get through the door. Stress can manifest in many ways. Concentration problems and memory issues are just two common ones.


Headaches are another way that stress can affect people. Tension or stress headaches can display in the form of extreme throbbing, or they can make you feel like there’s a ton of pressure either on the top of your head or the sides. The pain may vary depending on your level of stress. Headaches are challenging to deal with. However, you can try to take a break from your work, close your eyes, and imagine a pleasant experience or a beautiful place where you want to go. You should be able to find some relief for your headache. Of course, you may want to take some ibuprofen or some other pain medication as a part of your stress relief techniques.


Stress can also manifest in the form of physical ailments aside from headaches. For example, you might come down with something like a urinary tract infection or respiratory infection or random aches and pains. Stress releases certain hormones that can render your immune system defenseless or weakened. Pay close attention if you always seem to be sick. Your long-term illnesses may be due to stress. The best way to attack that is to examine your lifestyle for the past few weeks and try to find out the cause of the stress and limit your interaction with it. If your job is the cause of the stress, you may want to ask for a reassignment. In the worst case, you may need to take some time off as a final stress relief technique.

Relationship Decline

Your relationships may also suffer because of your stress. Intimacy may diminish because of a newfound lack of Interest. Your relationship with your closest family and friends may suffer as well because of the increased irritability, forgetfulness and lack of interest in enjoyable activities because of feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You can attempt to fix this situation by using your time wisely, and having a fixed schedule. In other words, you may need to set some time aside for yourself and your loved ones, and be sure to stick to your plan.

Neck Stiffness

You may have a stiff neck and shoulders if you’re stressed because of the amount of tension that builds up in them. The way that you can relieve that is with hot compresses and perhaps a medicated ointment. A professional massage wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


Finally, you may be stressed if you experience extreme fatigue. You may be tired throughout the day even  with adequate amount of sleep. You may feel drained of all energy in a way that you can barely get up and walk. Many conditions manifest as fatigue. Stress is undoubtedly one of them.

Those are some of the signs of being stressed out. If you experience any of them, you need to address them with a medical professional before they result in futher complications.