Elizabeth Chase Akers- On aging and Time


Backwards, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, Make me a child again just for tonight! – Elizabeth Chase Akers

Life can be overwhelming sometimes with adult responsibilities. We have got bills to pay, family, and we have to go to work, household chores and among other things to deal with; this quote by Elizabeth Chase Akers is a reflection of our careless and irresponsible childhood years. Sure, there’s the responsibility of attending school and homework, but it was only us.  With adulthood, comes marriage, relationship, career, and people involved in our lives.

This quote is taken from her poem (Rock me to sleep), where she wrote about the beauty of childhood and being nurtured by her mother.

Original Source: Rock me to Sleep (poem)


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Image of Elizabeth Chase Akers (October 9th, 1832- August 7th, 1911)


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