Five Brain-Boosting Activities That Will Improve Your Retirement

Retirement is a time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. While filling the days with relaxation and leisure may sound ideal, life without work can have a downside: the brain gets neglected. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to keep your mind functioning at top capacity while making retirement purposeful and enjoyable. Here are five brain activities for retirees that are sure to enhance the golden years–and your quality of life. (View Retirement Quotes)

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer work doesn’t just feel good; you can refresh your skill set, socialize, and learn something new by helping a worthy cause. Volunteering also relieves stress and protects against depression. Plus, it’s a great way to give back to the community and make a positive impact on society. Check with your favorite nonprofit or look online for a volunteer position that will inspire you and fulfill your days. (view volunteering quotes)

Get Cooking

Don’t get too comfortable with the idea of eating out more often during retirement. In fact, there’s no better time than now to stay home and hone your cooking skills. Not only does cooking improve short-term memory, concentration, and visual-spatial awareness, it’s a fun and productive use of time. You might even offer your culinary services to a soup kitchen, charitable bake sales, or an organization that assists the elderly.  (view cooking quotes)

Head to Class

If earning a degree is on your bucket list, you’re in good company. Many retirees return to school to fulfill their education goals. Online classes make getting educated later in life convenient too. Besides exercising their minds through study, retirees can provide wisdom and another perspective to younger students. You might also consider a less formal religious study or enrichment course through community education.

Serve on a Board

Have you ever wanted to serve on a board for an organization but didn’t have the time? Now you do. Board work has many perks, from exercising the brain to increasing confidence and sense of purpose to validating self-worth. Finding a board isn’t difficult, either. Check with your church, a local charity, or your neighborhood association for starters. Or, research organizations that reflect your passions and expertise.

Start a Blog

Wondering what you can do with all the know-how you’ve acquired through the years? Why not pass it on. One of the best ways to reach an audience with helpful tips and inspiration is through blogging. It’s also a great way to work the brain. Setting up a blog is easier than you think. Look online for help getting started, pick a topic you feel knowledgeable about, and get busy teaching what you know.

The best way to improve retirement may boil down to brain work. Try the above activities, and bring meaning, purpose, and fun to the golden years.