How to be More Productive

Productivity is a skill, and like all skills, it can be worked on and improved over time. Becoming more productive will enhance your professional life as well as your personal life, enabling you to become the version of yourself that you want to be.

Forgive yourself

The first step to becoming more productive is to forgive yourself for past indiscretions. It’s easy to lose motivation by looking back on years of procrastination and thinking the damage is done, and it’s too late to change, so wipe the slate clean and get ready to start afresh. This is a new beginning; the scoreboard is reset to zero and whatever happened in the past is old history. You’re now ready to scrape away the layers and become a finely tuned and more productive version of you.

Help your future self

Now that you’ve forgiven your past self, it’s time to help out future you. When struggling for motivation or discipline, imagine completing the tasks you have to do as being a favor to you in the future. As you’d help a friend, help yourself. Make a mental note of the benefits your future self will reap from your actions in the present and use it as a catalyst for productivity.

Do Something every day

Get it into your head that you’re going to do something productive every day. It doesn’t matter how big or small, as long as it’s something. Once you settle on the mindset that you are going to do work every day, you will quickly fall into a habit, and the job will be completed before you know it.

If you’ve done nothing productive all day, do something — anything, no matter how small — before bed. The mental continuity of working toward your goal each day is extremely beneficial to achieving the more significant task at hand. Never let a day pass without doing one thing toward your goal.

Find the joy

Even the most disciplined and zen mind will go stir-crazy if they have to spend all day doing something they hate. Take whatever it is you’re working on and find the joy in it. There is always fun to be had; if it’s not immediately apparent, then create it yourself. Create games in your head with high scores and personal bests relating to the amount of work completed. Being creative in finding the joy in your work can be the difference between success and failure.

Live well

Exercise and a healthy diet have a proven positive impact on mental well-being. Only when you’re feeling good will you be able to focus entirely on the task at hand. Take a minimum of 30 minutes out of your day to do some exercise. Read up on different routines or sports, and pick one that you enjoy and will want to continue doing. The improvement in a person’s discipline and ability to stick to a routine brought on by regular exercise can also be carried over to other areas of life.

The ability to be more productive is one of the most highly valued and most revered traits a person can have, and for a good reason. The satisfaction that will inevitably come from ticking off items on your to-do list will be evident in your newfound happiness and confidence as you start to reap the rewards of your new productive lifestyle.

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