Lessons from Buddhism

Buddhism is becoming popular around the world as it lays emphasis on personal development. This religion offers a concrete path to self-improvement and contented life. In today’s strife-torn world, Buddhism provides solace and hope to millions of followers. Here are a few key lessons that capture the essence of Buddha’s teachings:

Think Right

You become what you think. So it is essential to think right, as this sows the seed for right action. A happy man thinks pure thoughts. On the other hand, wrong thinking can breed many vices. Therefore, transform your mind to change yourself for the better.

Buddha said it is better to conquer your mind than to emerge victorious in a thousand conflicts. So, control your thoughts and do not let negative emotions take root in your mind. More than an enemy, it is your own mind that can tempt you into evil. Therefore, dismiss sinful thoughts and stick to noble principles. ( View Negativity Quotes)

Forgive and Forget

Anger most affects the man who feels angry. It is like holding on to a hot chunk of coal; you are the one getting burned. Therefore, forgive and forget sins against you to retain your peace of mind. (View Quotes on Forgiveness)

Use Your Logic

Religion does not mean blind faith. Buddha exhorted his disciples to use their reasoning capacity to pick and choose what was right for them. Use your powers of logic and analysis to determine if religious dogma makes sense. Accept only those principles that offer goodness and benefit.

Overcome Fear

Fear is the cause of many psychological ailments. Buddha advised his followers to overcome fear by not worrying about their future. Do not depend on anybody for help. Focus on leading a simple and fulfilling life to free yourself from all fears. (View Quotes on Fear)


Live in the Present Moment

Take it one day at a time and make the most of it. The past and future have no relevance as long as you accomplish your allotted tasks in the present. This will enhance your efficiency and productivity, and ensure your future is bright. (View Present Moment Quotes)


Watch Your Words

Words can make or break friends. Therefore, be cautious when you speak. Think twice before you utter anything. Kind words can heal others and pave the way for lasting friendships. So avoid harsh words and speak in a soft and soothing manner to make others feel comfortable in your presence.

Enjoy the Journey of Life

Do not wait till you attain your goals and become rich to start feeling happy. Enjoy your path to success and cherish each day of hard effort. Travel cheerfully and appreciate the small things you take for granted every day. You will have no regrets when you look back at your life later. (View Quotes On Being Thankful)


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