Napoleon Hill- A quitter never wins


quitter never wins

A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.     
Napoleon Hill


These short, inspiring words by Napoleon Hill can be comforting when we are at the edge of giving up. In situations where we worked hard and expect desirable results, and things don’t go as planned, we tend to get discouraged and walk away. A quitter never wins, because success might be steps away. Moreover, the only way to achieve success is to keep trying because a winner never quits. They are willing to tackle any obstacle and challenge that comes their way. We are not born with skills or talent, it is learned from persistent habits and failure.

Source: Napoleon Hill (2015). “Think and grow rich”: Brazilian edition,” p.92,

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill: Born October 26, 1883- Died November 8, 1970) at age 87. He is the founder of ‘personal success’ technique with his novel, “Think and Grow Rich”which had an influential impact on millions of people including, W. Clement Stone and Og Mandino. Napoleon was born into poverty, lost his mother a very young age. He started his writing career at 13 and went on to be America’s dearest motivational speaker. Napoleon Hill dedicated 25 years of life advising people to achieve financial success and happiness. He experiences multiple business failures before gaining success.

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