Nick Vujicic- We all start with zero

We all start with zero. We all start at the beginning. Do not give up.     
Nick Vujicic

Nobody was born into this world with wisdom, success, and experience. We all start at zero, and we accomplish things at our pace. We find love at our own timing, we earn our degrees at different years, and we discover our passions at different ages. It is important that we never give up.

Nick Vujicic: Born on December 4th, 1982. A Christian Motivational Speaker. He was born with a rare disorder that attributed to his missing legs and arms. Nick Vujicic has an optimistic approach to life. With his missing arms and legs, he gained attention from the public and decided to use that as an opportunity to be a motivational speaker because people listen to him. If a person with missing legs and arms can follow his dreams, be happy and not give up, so can you.







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