Reason​s Why You Should Share Your Personal Story With Others

We all have a story to tell. Whether sad or painful, it is difficult to express ourselves and share with others.  Apart from being a quotation website, we understand there is a reason behind browsing the internet for breakup quotes, inspirational quotes because you hate your job, feeling lost, or looking for some uplifting words to get through the day. We created an online discussion community forum for visitors to interact with other members and us to share their story. For those concern with privacy, our forum enables to post anonymously. Below are some reasons why you should join and share your feelings, troubles, personal stories and favorite quotations (especially the powerful ones!) with others.

You Can Make a Difference In Someone’s Life


Sharing your story allows others to feel like they are not alone. If you survived a tough divorce, family difficulties, failure, and disappointments, you allow others to experience the power of ‘me too.’  Our story can speak to someone’s struggle, it can offer them peace of mind, comfort, and strength to keep going. They can also overcome the impossible odds.  Your story is important to others. Perhaps, someone 10, 15 years younger, who are facing the same issues. It can provide proof that they are not alone.  Friendship and instant bond can develop, and blossom into a beautiful friendship.

It Allows Us To Heal


Our sad and painful stories can sometimes feel heavy to carry around. By sharing your story, you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and accepting of your flaws, mistakes and hurt. This is a powerful way of healing.  Also, vulnerability works like a butterfly. By being authentic, you are inspiring another person to be open and speak out about the hidden parts of their life, which can feel like a weight being lifted off the shoulders. By sharing, the recovery seems more real, and it open doors for words of encouragement from others. And, it is a path to self-love, by making it known that you deserve to have a voice and worthy of being heard.

      Make use of the bad times


One of the reasons why we search on the web for quotes is because we enjoy reading about other people and relating to their situation, struggles, and life. Without even realizing it, we have our own personal experiences that can also inspire other people. We can create our own personal quotes from our life struggles.  Looking back is a reminder of how you survived! And now is your time to be the light of the world. It is an opportunity to turn a problematic, dark part of your life into something meaningful and positive for someone. And, you are not only sharing your story but also strategy and coping mechanism that was most useful and effective for you.

Be Creative With Sharing


Some people are uncomfortable to get in-depth through direct communication and words. Below are four ways you can share without doing so:

1) Videos- Some people are more vocal and are better expressing themselves from speaking. If this your method, our forum enables you to upload files/videos.

2)  Pictures/Photo- A picture is worth a thousand words!

3)  Using Inspirational Quotes/ or create your own. A few powerful words can communicate so much.

4)  Submitting Poetry or Prose: Or write your own.