September is Self-improvement Month

Did you know that September is self-improvement month? It’s the perfect opportunity to set some goals and make some changes, without having to wait for a new year. You can dedicate the entirety of the month to self-care and self-improvement, concentrate on mindfulness, and get organized. 

Self-improvement month is not about choosing lofty goals because those are next to impossible to obtain within the timeframe of a month. However, if you want to begin a large goal (and not pressure yourself to complete it in a month), this is certainly the time to do so. But small, attainable goals typify the self-improvement month of September. 

Ideas for Self-improvement

We are all different; we all have different personalities and different needs. Therefore, our self-improvement will be different as well. The examples presented here are meant to show a range of ideas for self-improvement, but not all of these will be relevant to you. Take what appeals to you and leave the rest.


Improving your organization can take many forms. You can work on organizing your bedroom, closet, kitchen, workspace, car, etc. These are spaces in which you already use, but you could also create a new space for organization, like a pantry or storage area. Any of these will improve your life and therefore improve you as a person. But, time management can also fall under the category of organization in that you are organizing your schedule. However, you view organization, using the self-improvement month of September to achieve this goal is an excellent idea.


 Being in the present moment is called mindfulness. This type of self-improvement is more internal and mental than it is tangible (like organizing). You can improve your mindfulness by meditating, practicing yoga, or focusing on your breathing. Simply learning more about mindfulness could be your goal for self-improvement this month. There are books and magazines on the subject to help you understand the mental work mindfulness requires and the benefits that this practice can have on your life. 


Similar to organization, decluttering is about making your living and working spaces more functional and clear. The difference between the two categories of self-improvement is that with organization, the number of items can remain the same and with decluttering, the amount of items should decrease. The thought process behind decluttering is that you should get rid of what you do not actually need. This can even be seen as an art form, like Feng Shui. Or, it could be as straightforward as clearing out your garage.


The self-improvement category of reinvention is typically the go-to category because it encompasses trying new things, changing habits, and starting new routines. The traditional “eat better, lose weight” mentality of self-improvement falls neatly into this category. But reinventing can have other meanings to you. It just implies that you are ready to look at yourself in a new way. This could be achieved through a new workout regimen or through taking up skydiving. The possibilities are endless.


In some ways, forgiveness is the opposite of reinvention. Both of these are paths to self-improvement, but they represent very different actions. Forgiveness includes both accepting yourself and forgiving someone else. This can be a very powerful form of self-improvement. Rather than reinventing or changing anything about yourself, you can forgive all that you found unacceptable previously and decide to accept everything about yourself. Changing nothing can still change everything; it’s a state of mind.

For your month of September, consider some of the proposed paths to self-improvement. Taking the time and effort to work on yourself will benefit your life in ways you may not yet imagine.


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