Tapping the Vein of Inspiration as a Writer or Artist

There is a divine channel that weaves within itself mystery and beauty. Sometimes, we’re allowed to tap into it…but it’s not always because we’ve chosen to. It’s as if out of nowhere we are chosen and we must relay the message. Whether poet or painter, as artists we are filled with an immensity that must spill itself out through hurried words or brushstrokes.

So often this “sense” strikes an artist out of nowhere. Maybe they were only just staring out the window watching the rain fall when all of a sudden it hit them. A sense of urgency struck and a hasty search ensued for the instrument with which they would pour the energy out. Someone somewhere must be thirsty for it. Maybe it’s the artist…maybe it’s someone else. Whoever it’s for, it’s as if the artist has become a vessel full of the element that will quench this thirst.

Sound familiar?

When we view certain works of art, some seem to resonate with something deep in our souls. We likely can’t put our finger on it and if asked to explain why we may not be able to come up with reasons that adequately represent what we’re feeling. But there’s something there. And that’s the mysterious beauty of what happens when that vein of inspiration is tapped. An artist never knows who will pick up on what their piece has to say. It certainly won’t speak to everyone. But it was created (or, better yet, given birth to) to speak to someone.

While every artist’s method and talent is unique, what their abilities produce don’t just come into existence on their own. Anyone can hold a pen to paper, but an inspired poet has the gift to translate truths that others cannot express. And anyone can bring a paintbrush up to a canvas, but it takes an inspired painter to leave an impression.

This quote from Piet Mondrian seems to sum up this truth of being a writer or artist perfectly:


The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.”

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