When You Can’t Hold On for One More Day 

Emotional and physical pain takes a toll on your body and your soul. Sometimes, it feels as if it would be easier to let go and stop fighting. However, things cannot get better if you don’t fight. So don’t give up! For the times that you feel hopeless, remember a few things that might help you get through the rough patches.

* You don’t need to figure out how to get through the rest of your life. You only have to get through the next day or the next hour. Or when the worst happens, hang on long enough to get through the next few minutes. You have strong survival instincts, as do all humans. You can handle more than you think if you refuse to give up and instead fight.

* Try music therapy to help you cope. Music is powerful. It can soothe you, give you hope, and help you to stay strong. The genre of music doesn’t matter. What matters is the message the music relates to and how it affects you. Try listening to different styles of music to find the best sources of encouragement that will uplift you.

* Engaging in some physical therapy can help you cope with mental and bodily pain. If traditional treatment doesn’t appeal to you, an excellent alternative is to try acupuncture. Thin needles are inserted into the body to alleviant pain and ease emotional conditions. Though not yet validated by science, many people have reported relief, and the technique is now widely used throughout the world.

* Improving your diet can also improve your mood. When you feed your body junk, your body can’t function properly, nor can your brain. Stay away from processed foods, added sugars, red meat, and too much salt or fat. Switch to foods such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, seeds, and fish to stimulate your immune system. This diet will help you feel better overall. You might even lose a few excess pounds.


When you take care of yourself, it becomes easier to handle whatever life throws at you. Heal your body, mind, and spirit with a never-give-up attitude, and you’ll make it through your days easier than you ever thought you could.

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