Where to Find Inspiration for Writing Poetry

Poetry is a beautiful and expressive literary form. Unlike prose, it offers a way to express feelings, thoughts, and ideas uniquely. Poetry can also mean different things to different people, depending on how the poet presents the concepts and how the reader interprets them. That makes it look as if it might seem difficult to write a poem, but this isn’t true. All you need is to find a way to become inspired. Here are some great places to find inspiration for poetry:

Everyday Life 

The best poetry often comes from the most ordinary of moments. People often think that life isn’t grand enough to make great poetry. However, some of the best poems come from those little moments that are part of everyday life.  The key is to look for different ways of seeing those daily events.

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Photographs also provide great inspiration for poetry. Find a picture that either sparks emotions or inspires. Remember that it doesn’t need to be happy. Some of the best poetry comes about from negative emotions. Take a moment to write freely about the thoughts that come to mind while gazing at the photo. Is there material here that can provide a springboard for a poem?

Poetic Forms 

Experimenting with many different poetic forms can also be inspiring because it can stimulate creativity. Although sonnets, haikus, ballads, lyric poems, and acrostics all have rules to which you must adhere, they are not as limiting as they may first appear. These forms can bring you out of your comfort zone and spark your next masterpiece.


Not every poem needs to be about something physical. Poetry is particularly good at handling more abstract topics, such as emotions. That is especially true for complex emotions, such as sadness. Sure, it can be fun to write about happy moments, but negative or neutral emotions make for good poetry subjects too. Make a list of some memorable feelings and what caused them. Are there any that you could turn into a poem? That could provide a good starting point. (View a list of quotes by emotions)


Memories can be extremely powerful, and some of the best poems are born out of this power. A recollection can be as simple as eating an ice cream cone on a hot day, or as significant as a first kiss. Any memory can be fodder for a poem. Make a list of some memorable things that have happened, no matter how simple or complex. Some of them could turn into an interesting poem.

All you need to find inspiration for poetry is the ability to look at ordinary things, such as memories, objects, and even emotions, and finding a unique way to express them. Write down anything that comes to mind that has the potential to inspire the next poem, and when it comes time to write, choose one of the items to get started.


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